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- 5-year trial voucher This gives you the right to receive one bowl of Ramen Minowa every day for five years from the date of purchase.

- Fast pass as long as the store exists This is the right to enter the store without waiting in line at Minowa-ya, permanently, as long as the store exists.

・VIP seat discount coupons available as long as the restaurant remains open. In addition to regular seats, Minowa offers completely private VIP seats.
We will provide VIP seating for you 5 times a month!

*The actual MINOWAYA VIP Black Card will be provided here.
Please refrain from using the card unless you are the intended user.
We will contact you to create the card and hand it over to you when you visit our store.

Please state the card user's real name in the comments section.

Black VIP Card

Sales Tax Included
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