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Minowa was founded by Kosuke Minowa, an editor at Gentosha who loves family-style ramen. I used to be Kosuke Minowa's bag carrier, but now we run Minowa Co., Ltd. together.

I didn't even know how to make ramen, but with the help of many people, I was able to open a ramen shop in Nakano.

The only way I can give back is to make delicious ramen. I want the customers in front of me to eat delicious ramen. That's all I want.

From Nakano, Tokyo, we are spreading the deliciousness of Iekei ramen to the world.
I will make your dream come true: "I know it's wrong, but I can't stop. I live to regret it."

The future I hope for is definitely bright and fun!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!
It's encouraging!!

Owner: Kohei Maruyama

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Iekei Ramen Minowa-ya was born from the love of Iekei ramen by Minowa Kosuke, an editor at Gentosha Publishing.
"I want to open a ramen shop."
With this in mind, Minowa approached Maruyama Kohei, who had been a bag carrier until a few years ago, as a trustworthy on-site "store manager."
However, at that time, Maruyama had just returned to Japan after being seriously injured in an accident in Cambodia, where he had gone to open a restaurant. Although he survived, he was unable to walk properly. He had gone to Cambodia with dreams of a bright future, but he was forced to leave midway and had lost all confidence.
When Maruyama was unable to immediately answer "Yes!", Minowa said to him:
"Even if you can't walk, you can still drain the water."
I felt so pathetic that I hadn't been able to laugh until then. But the moment I heard those words, I decided, "I have to devote my life to ramen!" It's not just a ramen shop, it's "Minowaya" and that's what makes it meaningful.

Of course, we didn't have a store yet, and we started out by setting up a stall at events.
The first event was "OWNDAYS presents Sauna Land Fest in Okinawa" on December 25, 2021. Despite not even knowing how to make ramen, we received support from many people and sold out 40 bowls of Minowa-ya Ramen.
Since then, we've had the opportunity to hold tasting events at Takafumi Horie's online salon and set up shop at the Shimokita Railway Street Vacant Lot Kitchen in Shimokitazawa, attracting many customers.
However, as he continues to make ramen desperately, he wishes he could create the flavor on his own, but he doesn't know how. Then he meets Kai-san, who runs "Hakata Ramen Debuchan" in Takadanobaba.
"If you'd like, would you like to come?"
He asked me to join him and I was able to train under him, who has deep knowledge of how to cook pork bones, the key ingredient in Iekei ramen.


"I can't do anything on my own."
Manager Maruyama always says this.
In the process of continuing to make ramen, I have met many friends, including people who help me set up the store, manage the e-commerce store and social media, and people who help me with design. I have also received words of encouragement from many senior ramen shop owners, and Taisei Foods, from whom I purchase my noodles, has provided me with support that goes beyond just purchasing the noodles.
On August 1, 2022, we established Minowa-ya Co., Ltd. in partnership with Mr. Minowa. Then, in October, we finally found the property we had been looking for in Nakano Ward, Tokyo.
A crowdfunding campaign to open a new store, which started at the same time, reached its initial target amount within four hours.
Take Ramen Minowa to the world.
This is the only way we can give back to everyone who supports Minowa. With this determination, Minowa will continue to take on new challenges, with the Nakano flagship store at its core!

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