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I want to become deeply involved with the customers who are coming now.

"Minowa Family" is a monthly subscription online salon.
We want to become even more involved with our customers in this community.
When you come to the store,
Free toppings and free VIP seating once a month,
While we're apart,
The proprietress sends out "Minowa Family News,"
It's a place for families who come together to make the Minowa family a success!!



  • Can I add images, videos or gifs to my FAQ?
    Yes, you can add media in the following order: Open the app settings Click on the Manage FAQs button Create or select the question to which you want to add media Click on the video, image or gif icon when editing your answer Add and save media from your library
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  • What is the FAQ section?
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  • How can I turn off email notifications for new comments etc.?
    You can turn off notifications by following the link below:
  • I want to change the name and icon image displayed on the family page.
    You can change this on this page
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    On the subscription page , select "Cancel" Once you cancel your plan, your withdrawal will be complete.
  • I want to change the card information I use for payment.
    You can change this on your My Subscriptions page.
  • What methods can I use to pay the membership fee?
    Credit cards/debit cards accepted
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